8 Faces on Kickstarter

I’ve just backed this on Kickstarter. I’m a huge fan of Elliot’s work, but missed out on the first copies of 8 Faces magazine. I’m looking forward to this one arriving in the mail.

Shakespeare Metamorphosis Exhibition

Senate House Library


Create a microsite to support an exhibition.
Create an interface for a touchscreen to help visitors whilst at the exhibition.
Create an interface for a touchscreen interface used to display digital assets relating to the exhibition.


Live site

About this project:

My role involved:
• Creating wireframes and interfaces for multiple websites and applications across a wide range of devices (mobile, tablet, computer, 27inch touchscreen, 40inch touchscreen)
• User testing


Touchscreen wireframe

Touchscreen 1 visual design

Small touchscreen in situ

Touchscreen 2 in situ

Stairs installation, William Shakespeares face on the stairs of Senate House Library


Down on the West Coast, they love their movies
Their golden gods and rock and roll groupies

Photo of the Hollywood hills

Quote – Lana Del Rey